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Thought I would not bore you with some buttons tonight.  Hooray I hear you say.  Instead I will make you suffer by viewing my beaded ring which I created and embellished (good word eh) with those little glass flower beads I am so in love with.

First attempt at the band of beads for the ring was a disaster.  I somehow managed to get the beading going length ways instead of width ways and when I came to zip it up, no of the beads would slot into each other.  How unbelievably annoying is that.  I was also being distracted by the Olympics on the TV as well so perhaps I didn’t quite think it through properly before I embarked on it.  But thats me all over, act before you think.

The beading itself isn’t too bad once you get into the swing of it.  Its a bit fiddly but then after a couple of rows it starts to take shape.

I think the hardest thing was to decide on what colour to use.  Word to the wise, take the beads out of the plastic tube first as they do look a different colour.

I thought I would give this to one of my friends, I can hear them all praying that its not them who is the lucky recipient of it.  I would wear it but then again I did make it so I have to say that really don’t I.

It’s a pity I hadn’t made one of these before as I am sure that Kate would have worn one at her wedding.

See you soon

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

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