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So after looking at my stash of beads in tubes I thought I better start using them a bit more frequently.  You know the sort of stash I mean.  Addictively out of control stash. The stash that suddenly accumulates when you are in a shop thinking “oh shiny beads, I must purchase you” and then there you go, lots of money later you arrive home with a bag of stuff that you try and casually pop into a safe location until you need it, then spend hours looking for it at a later date.  Oh what joy.

Had a quick go at knitting and using the beads as decoration and came up with the idea of a wristband and also a necklace.  Its quite difficult I think to make it look appealing using the knitting and beading as it needs to look so professional to pull it off.  I will let you decide yourselves if I have done so.

The main problem I find with knitting is that you have to concentrate too much especially if you are doing beaded knitting as you have to set out what sort of pattern you want on a grid and then follow it.  Not that easy if there is something that takes your attention away.  I think on balance I prefer trying to bash a button maker of an evening instead.  Far more satisfying.

I am sure I will be able to find a grateful recipient of this jewellery combination.


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Christmas comes but once a year, unless you are trying to take some photos for christmas ceramics.

Had a lovely day walking around Delamere Forest and in between the rain the sun came out.

This evening was spent watching rebecca adlington swim and win bronze.  Oh yes and also I was stringing popcorn for my tree and taken orange slices out of the oven and putting raffia ribbon on them.  First picture is of my lovely orange slices and its a pity that you can’t smell them as it is gorgeous.

Second picture is of both of them.  Not bad for home made.  Have to say its a bit strange doing christmas stuff in July but there you go.  Managed to get all my photos done and sent off.

Still checking for any more olympic tickets to come on sale for swimming.

See you soon

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

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