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So thought the title today should reflect the olympic theme.

Well what have I done to make me feel proud?  That is the big question.  After viewing the olympic ticket site for a million hours, we have managed to acquire some olympic tickets.  OMG I hear you say, I must be one of the very lucky ones to have tricked the site into letting me buy them.  I have never known such a frustrating site in all my life.  It entices you and says tickets available.  It should say tickets available but not really – lets just waste your time for a bit.  So I selected the tickets, put them in the basket then hit request only to be told “just checking” – please wait one minute – no tickets for your selected event.  Well stop putting them on your website then.  Some of those tickets have been on there for days and there are none to buy.  Next evening it was “please wait 15 minutes” and then reduced its count as each minute passed by.  I think the site has an operator who cannot tell the time as their 15 minutes equated to 36 on my watch.

So whilst waiting for the site to let me know I continued on with my quest of making one of my secret items with beads.  You will recall that I had already sent the instructions out to a magazine and that I now just needed to make the item again so that it looked one hundred percent right.  It did take a while but I am very happy with the result. Cant show you it at the moment but its bronze and aqua and looks really lovely.  Managed to bend my needle trying to stitch all the beads together as well.  This is all I can show you for the moment.  Sorry

See you soon

Mrs Ladybird Cottage


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Just had a fab day out in Lytham and now at home singing our national anthem at the olympic party.  Watched the ceremony all the way through…..

Anyway more interestingly I have just finished a batch of ceramic guest book favours which are really lovely.  I do hope the bride will like them all.  They seem to be really popular at the moment.  Just also had a go at making a bracelet for a friend.  Lets see if she likes it……

Thought I might give making seed paper a whirl in the next couple of weeks.  Will let you know how I get on.

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

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So I thought why not start a blog and record all my ups and downs of trying to craft my way through life.  It all seemed so easy, start a shop on Folksy and Etsy, go to a couple of craft fayres and hey presto, a millionaire by the time the week had ended.

Well thats what I thought anyway.  Follow me and see just how it all unfolds as I record the next few months.

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