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So after looking at my stash of beads in tubes I thought I better start using them a bit more frequently.  You know the sort of stash I mean.  Addictively out of control stash. The stash that suddenly accumulates when you are in a shop thinking “oh shiny beads, I must purchase you” and then there you go, lots of money later you arrive home with a bag of stuff that you try and casually pop into a safe location until you need it, then spend hours looking for it at a later date.  Oh what joy.

Had a quick go at knitting and using the beads as decoration and came up with the idea of a wristband and also a necklace.  Its quite difficult I think to make it look appealing using the knitting and beading as it needs to look so professional to pull it off.  I will let you decide yourselves if I have done so.

The main problem I find with knitting is that you have to concentrate too much especially if you are doing beaded knitting as you have to set out what sort of pattern you want on a grid and then follow it.  Not that easy if there is something that takes your attention away.  I think on balance I prefer trying to bash a button maker of an evening instead.  Far more satisfying.

I am sure I will be able to find a grateful recipient of this jewellery combination.

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Thought I would not bore you with some buttons tonight.  Hooray I hear you say.  Instead I will make you suffer by viewing my beaded ring which I created and embellished (good word eh) with those little glass flower beads I am so in love with.

First attempt at the band of beads for the ring was a disaster.  I somehow managed to get the beading going length ways instead of width ways and when I came to zip it up, no of the beads would slot into each other.  How unbelievably annoying is that.  I was also being distracted by the Olympics on the TV as well so perhaps I didn’t quite think it through properly before I embarked on it.  But thats me all over, act before you think.

The beading itself isn’t too bad once you get into the swing of it.  Its a bit fiddly but then after a couple of rows it starts to take shape.

I think the hardest thing was to decide on what colour to use.  Word to the wise, take the beads out of the plastic tube first as they do look a different colour.

I thought I would give this to one of my friends, I can hear them all praying that its not them who is the lucky recipient of it.  I would wear it but then again I did make it so I have to say that really don’t I.

It’s a pity I hadn’t made one of these before as I am sure that Kate would have worn one at her wedding.

See you soon

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

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So I popped in to Abakhan last week and decided that I wanted to have a go at making fabric buttons.  “Oh its so easy” the lady said.  Yes right.

“All you do is wrap the fabric around the metal button ( if only it was that easy, having wrestled with the fabric for quite some time, I went for the forceful approach) and then you put the clasp on.  You dont need a gadget as they are self fastening.”

Unless you have a grip like one of the olympic arm wrestlers then there is no way you can get the button to clip on.  I decided to admit defeat and go and buy the gadget.  The gadget is a piece of rubber that you balance the button in and then bang really hard with on the top.  This I can do very easily given the level of frustration already incurred.

Here are some photos of my end products.  I decided to decorate one of them with the czech glass flower beads, they are so dainty I love them.  I will pop some photos on tomorrow night of my beaded buttons that I have also had a go at doing.



Notice the way the flowers stand up from the button, I think this is probably what caused the problems with my new button making kit.  I think if you had the time to spare you could make some lovely buttons to give as gifts but I think I may have to start now if I am going to give them as christmas gifts.

See you soon

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

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