Well it’s not been a great day for us brits.  No gold medals – so many hopes.  Mark Cavendish is a bit stroppy isn’t he.

I am sure we will make good in the next couple of days. Go Team GB.  At least Seb Coe is cashing it in so someone in GB is happy.

So spent the day in Southport today wandering down the pier and around the town.  At the end of the pier is an arcade which uses pre decimal money in its machines and after having a go of a few of them it suddenly dawned on me that the imprint on the coins would be brilliant on wedding favours for the vintage themes.  Not made them yet but they are on my to do list.  I forgot to say, also at the end of the pier is a nice cake and tea shop which I was drawn to and also had to sample a few things.

Off to Delamere forest tomorrow but before embarking on our walk there, I have to stop off at a bead shop to buy some supplies.  Not more I here you say, but yes I need some colours which represent colours for gentlemen as my brief from one of magazine editors is the creation of “item x” with colours that blokes would like.  Wandered into a couple of shops to look at what colours blokes wear and I was surprised to see the current colours are pink and lilac.

Too much time spent watching olympic coverage to do any proper crafting today I’m afraid.  Just found that some tickets for swimming have come on sale at 11.42pm, really wanted to go but there are for Sunday at 10 a.m so there is only 11 hours before it starts so not much hope of getting there…..

See you tomorrow

Mrs Ladybird Cottage


Just had a fab day out in Lytham and now at home singing our national anthem at the olympic party.  Watched the ceremony all the way through…..

Anyway more interestingly I have just finished a batch of ceramic guest book favours which are really lovely.  I do hope the bride will like them all.  They seem to be really popular at the moment.  Just also had a go at making a bracelet for a friend.  Lets see if she likes it……

Thought I might give making seed paper a whirl in the next couple of weeks.  Will let you know how I get on.

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

Do you ever just have one of those days when nothing goes right ? The more you try to hurry doing something the worse it gets.  This was my day to day.

Olympic opening ceremony on Friday and everyone is gearing up for it.  I am having an Olympic party – bet you are all well gel (as they say in essex).

So being the soft touch that I am or perhaps completely deluded, I say to one of my friends, yes of course I can create something for your charity day.  She wanted a goody bag for all her keen and eager charity buffs with all the money being donated to a good cause.  Of course I did it for free, who would charge for such a thing.

So slight lack of attention to detail with my friend, who forgot (LOL) to tell me that were 120 participants.  OMG thats a lot.  My little 2012 Olympic bags are going to take ages.  So glad I suggested that we should put double ribbon on them so that we got all three colours of Team GB on there and also put the flag and there lets finish it off with a 2012 print.

So off I went making what felt like 10 million goody bags and eventually finished the last one.  Hooray.

Wow I hear you say.  I truly hope these recipients appreciate the time taken to make them.  No I don’t think they will either but you never know it may help them put more money in the donation boxes.

That’s all for now

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

Well would you believe it, most of my photos were rubbish.  So glad the sun is shining so that I can get better photos.  They looked great through the lens last night but after downloading them later on they are slightly blurred.  Well I say slightly blurred I mean if you are going to be picky, yes ok I guess you do need to see what the item is.  Looked at one and thought ‘what was that a photo of ‘?

Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you.  Sat in the conservatory in the evening and one my little baby squirrels (we have four of them) was balanced on the garden bench and peering through the window.  Its his polite way of saying – there are no nuts left.  Sorry I told him, I am crafting this evening and I can’t go to the shed to get some.  Eventually I give way to his little lovely face and break from my crafting to feed him despite the fact that he is still eating the last one.

Got such a lovely surprise today, the post had arrived by 4.30 pm and there was my lovely pack of goodies that I had ordered.  Jewellery findings galore for me to make some lovely hat pin brooches, some rather unusual ring bases for me to put an idea together and some secret items that I cannot disclose at the moment as its a secret project for a crafting magazine.  LOL.

See you soon

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

Just come back from an evening stroll and picnic in the local park, heaven.  Only noticed after we had eaten loads of sausage rolls and butties that it actually said “no picnic in the park”.  How mad is that.  Oh well, never saw the sign so there you go.

The evening sun is proving to be a brilliant place to take some photographs, it makes them look very posh and professional.  Worked on some ideas for ceramic confetti pouches for weddings and christenings over the weekend and they have proved to be quite effective.  The scent from the lavender and rose buds are quite infectious and I find myself just soaking up the smell rather than as my husband has said “doing something constructive with the camera”.



So meet my little ceramic darlings of patterned hearts, butterflies and last but not least Dolly the lovelove bird.  That name actually sounds like a stripper but there you go.  After I had made them I popped them in an organza bag and let them set sail to someone who will cherish them.  Or alternatively as weddings go, set sail to someone who will probably forget to take them home due to being under the influence of alcohol.

Got to dash

Mrs Ladybird Cottage

So I thought why not start a blog and record all my ups and downs of trying to craft my way through life.  It all seemed so easy, start a shop on Folksy and Etsy, go to a couple of craft fayres and hey presto, a millionaire by the time the week had ended.

Well thats what I thought anyway.  Follow me and see just how it all unfolds as I record the next few months.

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